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Share information on loved one's who are serving in the armed  services, purchased new home, won awards or received special recognition, etc.

News From The Woods !

Shannon Whitley Takes A Big Eleven Point!

Shannon Whitley
(Son of Gene and Diane Whitley)

Big Game Hunter Webb Bags Big Buck!

James Webb
(Son-In-Law of Jerry & Linda Williams)

Bagged this beauty December 5, 2005 at Republican, near Greenbrier, Ark.


Click on two links below for recent news stories on members of the Williams Clan family!

The Diane Whitley Story (Daughter: Curtis Williams)


The Linda White Story (Sister: Jerry Williams)


Jade Kostecky receives her driving permit!

Jade, daughter of Dara Williams Overman, recently received her driving permit (16 years old).

Asked how she felt about this achievement, Jade responded,"Wheels at last, wheels at last!" : )

~ ~ ~ ~

Blaine Overman Receives School Honors!

Another achievement in the Overman family....William Blaine Overman received two (not one....but TWO!) "Principal's Award" certificates for outstanding achievements at Salem Public Schools, Salem, Arkansas!

Congratulations Blaine! (Blaine is the son of Dara Williams Overman, daughter of Jerry Williams).