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We must never forget those that have gone before us!  Please keep the clan advised of loved one's lost!

We need to start a pictorial "Family Tree."

I am beginning this here but will move it to it's own page when/if we get enough information & pictures. your shoe boxes, attic and where ever you store your old photo's and send them to
Carol Williams Millenger NOW!

Tom and Cynthia Spears, Father & Mother of Esther Arizona "Ma" Williams
Tom & Cynthia Spears
Father & Mother to Ester Arizona "Ma" Williams

Ester Arizona "Ma" Williams & Clay Crenshaw "Pa" Williams

Send in photo's/details about of your loved one's that have "gone before us."
We will make another page for the above "Family Tree" and will list, by family,

those we want to memorialize here.


Dib Williams

- Crappie Fishing Trip - Lake Nimrod - April, 1985 -